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Christina Mpiga-Alandji

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20 February 2021

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African Union: Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)

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Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (Promo)

PROMOTING RURAL DEVELOPMENT & AGRICULTURE IN AFRICAWatch the full film on The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme #CAADP is a continental initiative of Agenda 2063 Pthat aims to help African countries eliminate hunger and reduce poverty by raising economic growth through agriculture-led development. Through CAADP, African governments agreed to allocate at least 10% of national budgets to agriculture and rural development, and to achieve agricultural growth rates of at least 6% per annum. Underlying these main targets are targets for reducing poverty and malnutrition, for increasing productivity and farm incomes, and for improvements in the sustainability of agricultural production and use of natural resources. CAADP also supports member states to enhance resilience to climate variability through development of disaster preparedness policies and strategies and early warning response systems and social safety nets. CAADP has 4 priority areas namely:i. Extending the area under sustainable land management and reliable water control systemsii. Improving rural infrastructure and trade-related capacities for market accessiii. Increasing food supply, reducing hunger, and improving responses to food emergency crisesiv. Improving agriculture research, technology dissemination and adoptionIn addition CAADP places emphasis on African ownership and African leadership to set the agricultural agenda and the stage for agricultural change. This change emphasises Africans truly being the drivers of CAADP, rather than the more typical case of leadership and direction coming from donors or other international partners. CAADP is thus an inward looking policy framework where African leaders who have championed CAADP in their countries can influence their counterparts towards agricultural transformation.

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