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Christina Mpiga-Alandji

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22 February 2021

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AU advocates for an Integrated continent with free travel, work and residence

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Free Movement in Africa (Promo)

AFRICANS SHOULD BE ABLE TO TRAVEL, WORK AND RESIDE IN THEIR OWN CONTINENTWatch the full film on vision of an integrated Africa calls for not just economic integration, but the integration of Africa’s people by breaking down the invisible and physical barriers which have limited the movement of people and by result the weakened the spirit of pan-Africanism. In addition, these barriers have prevented the growth of a knowledge and skills sharing economy which is vital for the advancement of any society. The reasons for these barriers are wide and varied and include security concerns, socio-economic disparities and fear of health epidemics.However, Africa’s fast growing educated middle class along with a growing youth population is a reminder of the potential of the continent if these demographic changes are harnessed and opportunities created to enable nation states to tap into the human capital through the socio-economic integration required to harness the continent’s vast resources for the benefit of its people.Africa’s Agenda 2063 identifies free movement of persons as a key ingredient for achieving other development aspirations. including: • Boosting intra-Africa trade, commerce and tourism;• Facilitating labour mobility, intra-Africa knowledge and skills transfer • Promoting pan-African identity, social integration and tourism; • Improving trans-border infrastructure and shared development.• Fostering a comprehensive approach to border management; • Promoting rule of law, human rights, and public healthIn addition, the infrastructure needed to support the mobility of Africans will also serve other economic, technological, security and health-related purposes within the overall integration and development plans for Africa. Increased movement of people, goods and services across borders will inevitably incentivise better infrastructural linkages and connections among African countries. To address the issue of the integration of Africa’s citizens, Agenda 2063 identified as one of its flagship initiatives, the African Passport and Free movement of People which aims to remove the restrictions on Africans ability to travel, work and live within their own continent. The initiative aims at transforming Africa’s laws, which remain generally restrictive on movement of people despite political commitments to bring down borders with a view to promoting the issuance of visas by Member States to enhance free movement of all African citizens in all African countries. The Protocol to the treaty establishing the African Economic Community relating to free movement of persons envisages three specific rights: Right of Entry; Right of Establishment and Right of Residence.[1] Right of Entry: Nationals of AU Member States shall have the right to enter, stay, move freely and exit the territory of another Member State in accordance with the laws, regulations and procedures of the host Member State. African nationals will be granted entry without the requirement of a visa. Nationals will be permitted to move freely or stay for a maximum period of ninety (90) days from the date of entry or such further period determined by Member States or through bilateral or regional arrangements. A national of a Member State who wishes to stay beyond the period provided shall seek an extension of stay in accordance with the procedures established by the host Member State.[2] Right of Residence: Nationals of a Member State shall have the right of residence in the territory of any Member State in accordance with the laws of the host Member State. [3] Right of Establishment: Nationals of a Member State shall have the right of establishment within the territory of another Member State in accordance with the laws and policies of the host Member State. The right of establishment shall include the right to set up in the territory of the host Member State: (i) a business, trade, profession, vocation; or (ii) an economic activity as a self-employed person.Download and read the Protocols to the Treaty from

Publiée par African Union sur Lundi 15 février 2021

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