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17 February 2022

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Covid-19 : France is lifting gradually restrictive measures

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The French government announces the easing of restrictive measures and the reopening of night clubs by dint of the high vaccination rate and decrease of positive cases.

The news on the easing of restrictive measures and the reopening of nightclubs in France is going well. The government announced on Wednesday February 16, 2022, the lifting of almost all the health measures previously imposed in the context of the fight against coronavirus.

After the announcement of the reopening of nightclubs and the easing of restrictive measures by the government of the French Republic, owners, managers, barmaids and club customers did not fail to express their euphoria. Note that on January 20, during a press conference, Jean CASTEX the French Prime Minister presented a program related to the lifting of the said measures. This decision has therefore been applied on Wednesday, February 16.

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Indeed, this relaxation of health measures was adopted after the observation of the decrease in covid-19 cases and the high vaccination rate in the country (77.3 percent of the French population is fully vaccinated). Gabriel ATTAL, the spokesman for the government said, after the Council of Ministers of February 15, that “the epidemic is in decline” in the country. France is now experiencing a stabilization of the health situation, as the slowdown in the incidence rate is around 45 percent.

The government of Emmanuel MACRON (President of France), therefore authorizes : the consumption and sale of food and drinks in places dedicated for sport events, reopening of cinemas, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, resumption of public transport, concerts and standing drinks in bars. But it should be noted that all this requires the presentation of anti-Covid vaccination record and the obligation to wear a mask in the aforementioned places.

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