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25 January 2023

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Gabon to establish one of the most secured ID cards in Africa

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During the declaration of his general policy before the members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Head of Government Alain-Claude Bilie Nze announced the establishment in the near future of the National Electronic Identity Cards (CNIE). He said that these will be “the most reliable and secured on the continent”.


The National Identity Card (CNI), an issue that has been debated for several years, seems to be one of the priorities of the new Head of Government, Alain-Claude Bilie Nze. This is why he mentioned during his speech to the Parliamentarians, the establishment of a brand new National Identity Card, called “Electronic” (CNIE).

Provided by the public authorities, this official document, “is issued to all citizens and is used above all to attest to the truth of their nationality and to carry out daily acts of management and dispositions linked to their life (banking transactions, medical care, etc.)”. Consequently, and due to the fact that this document is “much more than a simple administrative formality (…) it is legitimate to understand,” explains the Prime Minister, “the impatience of our fellow citizens who are lacking them and those for whom they have expired”.

To solve this problem, the Government is therefore working to launch its production. “The technical step prior to the beginning of the enrollment operations having been completed, in particular with the delivery of the Application Programming Interface (API) and the renewal of the production line of the General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI), the official schedule of these operations of collecting data from citizens should be made in the next few weeks,” specified Alain-Claude Bilie Nze.

At the end of this process, “our country will be able to boast of having one of the most reliable and secured National Electronic Identity Cards on the continent”, the Head of Government proudly declared.

Announced for 2022 by the Minister of the Interior Lambert Noël Matha on the set of the government program “Face À Vous”, the establishment of the new National Electronic Identity Cards, has seemed to be postponed for reasons of security and reliability, which led “the Government to denounce the contract with its former technical partner, thus stopping its production and issuance.

Moreover, the Head of Government confirmed that” as far as the conditions for registration on the electoral roll are concerned, defined by the law (…) apart from the presentation of the National Identity Card, candidates for registration on the electoral roll may also present an ordinary passport, a birth certificate or a supplementary judgment to be enrolled”.

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