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Frey Demba

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25 January 2023

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Teaching of African American history course banned in Florida

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The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has officially banned the African American history course in high schools. For the Republican, topics related to racism are in violation of the laws of the state.

Ron DeSantis and his administration are against the African American history program. Developed for high school students to improve their grades and thus facilitate their access to universities, the course is currently being tested in up to 60 high schools in the United States, including Florida.

Although the politician refused to give further explanations, he claimed that it seems to be more like indoctrination based on the political agenda. In reality, the course deals in detail with the history of black Americans, in particular slavery.

It is important to note that the Republican is not at the first controversy over the teaching of subjects related to segregation in high schools in his state. In 2022, for example, he adopted a law called the “Stop Woke Act”, prohibiting teachers to discuss certain concepts related to race.

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